Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Art, wherefore rust thou?

There are moments and times when one does something and it surprises and delights far beyond simple explanation. Like the iron paint I use. Its iron powder suspended in a binder and looks black when dried, but once you apply a weak hydrochloric acid solution, it rusts in beautiful reds and oranges, like magic. Rather like producing a rabbit from a silky black top hat.
Yesterday was one of those days when things started to come together in the large box. The side panels I made to go in the sides (I had some doubts) went in and after some rusty tweaks, looked perfect for what I wanted.
The complex box took some more work in the abdominal section and is getting closer to where I want it... I had a few moments where I started imagining all kinds of things I "should" still do to it.... then took a breath and considered it again... I have to take care not to over think things at this point. The idea of them going away to distant Montreal to hang in a gallery  there, all alone without me to see that they are tucked away nice and warm and snug every night, is of some concern to me. I guess one tries to do things perfectly when it comes to ones children.... (inside thoughts...remember inside thoughts! Dont say that out loud)
There is something so exciting about getting to this point where the works are almost done and they have turned out almost as you wanted, but by some fluke of serendipity, they may even have turned out a wee bit better. (here I would like to credit the works themselves for doing so on their own) Its a treat to see them all ready and grown up. (the ARTWORKS...I really mean the artworks!)
Todays images are of the newer panels lying in the bottom of the largest box prior to being glued into the edges. The other image is of the little trap that has been screwed into position near the hinged side. Its a real trap I found when I was out walking. Its such a menacing looking thing and its intent is so wicked. I hope it adds an element of tension to the image.
Last layers of sealer/varnish or glaze...whichever one calls it, then the packing will begin. I want to layer in some waxy paper to make sure nothing rubs against anything else when its closed and then wrap some old pieces of canvas around the outside as I dont think brown paper or cardboard will really do the trick. I wish I could be there when they unpack them... just to make sure... you know? Heh!
My head is already thinking of the next project(s)....

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