Friday, April 24, 2009

the hand that rocks the ballot

South Africa has just had an election. I read about people fearing that their loyalty to a certain party would be held against them and that they could lose their jobs. I know that to many people, your vote is secret. So it should be too. BUT often the mere mention of another party or attending a rally could be noted and you could find yourself without a job. Its not fair. But it is life and reality to many people.
What hides within the ballot box? I was thinking of Escher's two hands...the one drawing the other drawing the first... an endless circle.
Here is the beginning of an image where I will try to explore the situation.
Ive also found a wonderful brush amongst the enormous collection of tools in Painter and giving it a whirl... so far so good. I think its called a sumi brush... I was getting a little carried away by the new toy and wasnt paying attention to the final concept and image... so a little modification will be first thing to do today.
Now I have to have breakfast with my son Michael...cup of tea...then back here to make this thing work better.

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