Saturday, April 18, 2009

lance image finals

Im still debating if I should add one small detail to tie everything together more. The piece picked up its own momentum and it was fun seeing it get to where I had hoped it would go.
As I was working on this the news of Tyler Hamilton's retirement came through on the news... he was caught using a banned drug and had decided to retire. Pro cycling is a very tough gig and the pressures on those guys is immense. On bad days when the body wont keep going, it must be such a temptation to take some kind of medication just to feel better.
I think it has everything to do with how well they can manage pain... Lance seems to have mastered the trick of taking control of his own pain and making it do his bidding.
My thanks to Rubens, the 17th Century painter, for providing me with a superb St Sebastian to model Lance on.
If anyone is looking at the bike and noticing that there are all kinds of inaccuracies with the  machine and structure... this isnt a technical drawing, its a picture that is supposed to be telling a story, not a catalogue of bicycle parts!

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  1. Very cool. And, I like the new masthead.

    I totally missed that Cervelo hanging in the background of your studio, until you pointed it out. I almost bought a Soloist last year, but I decided to save up to fix the house instead. Oh the sacrifices we make.

    What is the address to your son's bike blog? The last link you sent didn't work proper.