Saturday, April 25, 2009

the art of saturday noises

worked all day on the ballot hands image after throwing out the entire piece I started with (the image from yesterday) because I felt it was too perfect and sterile...just seemed like some kind of high school  textbook image explaining something like washing hands. Dumped it.
Started anew and it evetually found its own groove. I didnt know where it was heading and had started wondering how it was going to find a sense of dramatic frisson. It did in the end, but only after some very tentative faffing around on my part. It can be so difficult when you work with a piece that just sits there and doesnt help you, makes no effort to suggest and solutions, watches TV and eats popcorn and wont take the dog out for a walk.
I cant quite recall when or where the moment of truth arrived...possibly while I was making a mug of tea. (I like to live recklessly and make tea in a Starbucks mug!)
The darkness added the exact amount of drama I needed...or could handle, in fact.
As I was falling asleep last night I realised that there was something I still wanted to do. I actually did debate getting up and coming to play with the image, but I think Morpheus arrived and took me elsewhere.
I'll be playing with that idea. It was still with me when I awoke this morning.
And maybe some tea at some point.

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