Wednesday, April 15, 2009

digital ars sacra

Its about time that I posted something again.
After a brief post parting depression ...sending the box works off to Montreal left me feeling a little worried... I have been back at it and here is the current state of affairs with the digital piece Im working on.
The debate around Lance Armstrong using or not using some special chemical to make him faster has been raging a long time and the anti doping system tests him at any time of the day or night. Meanwhile the popular opinion is that he MUST be using something (hey why cant he just be incredible and strong enough to do it naturally? Are we afraid that someone might actually be better than ourselves?) and a large number of people would love to pillory/burn/crucify or make an example of him. Remember the story of St Sebastian who was riddled with arrows?

There are those who would just love to have one of their "arrows" stick and prove that Lance was a doper all along. Imagine going about your daily business dodging those arrows and traps set to ensnare you. What if he were innocent? He must be the most tested human animal ever.

No guesses where I stand on this... but more importantly, this is about an image. I wanted it to be eye catching. I wanted to play with the imagery and prick the  ire of anyone who was rabid about this issue. I wanted to play with some baroque twiddles in contrast to the contemporary situation.... in some ways the whole thing is so Medieval. Baying for blood. Demanding a witch be found and burnt.(arent we trying to stop burning things to prevent global warming?) Why are we quite so unwilling to believe that it can be done without chemical magic?
This piece is not nearly done yet...just the beginning still.
Now...I shall dip my quill into the sooty black ink and scratch away.....

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