Tuesday, March 31, 2009

art on the day after monday

The cycle ride did happen. It was just over zero centigrade and the sun was shining warmly... it was wonderful to be outside on my bike again. (Will be doing another later today)
Work in progress. The smallest box is done. You can see it open and even more open in the pictures above. (only I have no image of it completely closed, an oversight)
This box is the smallest and lightest of the 3 and Fedex have said it will only cost me $30 to send to Montreal. The other boxes are bigger and a lot heavier (and as yet unfinished!)
The complex box is the mid sized one and still needs some final loving in the abdominal panel...(the abdomen of the body hanging inside it) I have been keeping busy with other issues that were more interesting, such as solving the minor problem of an inner edge of the largest box which seemed too empty and unresolved. I have made some panels that will be stuck onto the inner edges, all worn out and dirty looking, containing seemingly random words in sign-written script. Most of which isnt legible after being aged down, but it suggests words and possible meaning and it adds just enough visual piquancy to the inner edge which just seemed neglected without it.
My routine of work with these pieces is going to be so different once they are done and on their way to Montreal, but then it will be back at my computer for some work into illustration stuff and planning some new works in similar vein as these 3.
Tea time in about an hour.

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