Thursday, April 9, 2009


When you become an artyr you have to draw your own seven hundred virgins, if your pencil lasts that long!
Years ago my son referred to me (in conversation with his grade one teacher) as an "arse-tits"
I think the title "Artyr" sounds more profound.
Speaking of.... ever see those paintings of the martyr St Sebastian? The innocent man who was riddled with arrows, making a very powerful visual statement that foreshadowed the work of  Damian Hirst and others like Tracy Emin (Im sure they would have leapt at the opportunity of being the first arrow riddled body, becoming forever the celebrated icon in would Jeff Koons, now that I think of it)

But the idea of the arrows and the innocent has taken me down a winding little path and I'm making a drawing of a current person who has been very much in the news. In this case the "arrows" are smaller and so far none of the arrows aimed, have shown any signs of hitting the target.
Give the concept some thought, I would be curious to hear if anyone has any idea of who this person is.
I'll post the beginnings of the image soon....

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