Thursday, April 16, 2009

St Lance-bastian

Its raining little bits of ice, all gray and not too pleasant out. Thankfully I can sit and hug my warm computer and watch the weather be unhappy. The laundry is making its soporific rumble in the drier. Yes, I multitask. My studio in the basement is not only a high-tech fortress with computers and a stereo, but has a washer and drier on the other end. In between is my work table with paint and mess and a million watts of full spectrum fluorescent lighting. To my immediate left is my valve amplifier through which I feed my computer stored music. The valves (tubes?) are all exposed and give off a wonderful orange glow, totally retro. (its a modern amp... from China)
I have been working away at the image of Lance.
The image is coming nicely. This means that I like how it is going. There are 'those' days when the hand doesn't obey and makes all its own marks, but recently its been behaving properly. The image has grown... after drooling over some extremely high res online imagery of Piaristenkirche in Vienna ( its brilliant go take a look!) I had a complete saturation of Baroque decoration and decided to add two little angels to the chainring halo in the Lance angel is seen taking a syringe in the back. Please note that NO syringes ever hit Lance.
At his feet I am going to put what looks like little votive candles...but NOT...they are urine sample cups. The kind these pro cyclists have to pee in at every opportunity the anti doping agencies can force them to.
I'll shop this mage around, but suspect that I'll use it on my website, which I am upgrading and overhauling completely so that my target market is better served by it.
Both my sons are away at the moment. The eldest cycling for a team in France, the other at a roadcycling training camp in the Okanagan valley. With the sleet and rain falling around here, Im not likely to be turning any pedals soon.

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