Thursday, April 2, 2009

In rust we trust

The pedestrian schtuff of making art is currently taking the time. Its all about making the art structurally sound enough for them to hang on a wall and be exposed to the assault of humanity.
I have been adding some strengthening wooden bits to allow the hanging equipment to safely carry the weight ( 1 kilo, 8 kilos and 2 pounds, 16 pounds and 32 pounds to those not yet in the 21st Century, still living in the Old Empire!)
So the challenges have been thus: safely placing screws and drilling holes into the boxes without disturbing the beasties inside, glueing additional thin pieces of wood to thin areas (I had never thought they would hang like this! In future I should think ahead and make sure the structures are good enough)
In todays collection of imagery I have a close up of the complex box and its dirty breakdown, the kind of patina that would build up from greasy fingers and regular use.
Then from the hidden depths of the largest box come two close ups of metal plates I punched with letter punches and then buffed with a piece of smoothish waterpaper to bring some of the metal out. I may still add some more of those as I like the idea of words beaten into metal. Makes me feel rather like a small time blacksmith.
The work should be on its way to Montreal by monday.
Time for me to beat some words into rusty bits of steel

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