Monday, April 6, 2009

sent off.....

The works are packaged, labelled and en route to the gallery! It feels like abandoning children. I only hope that Fedex takes good care of them, they arent made of glass or anything that fragile...but I dont want some massive trucker tossing them into a pile!
I did write "FRAGILE" al over them in bright red paint...unsure if it may incite the very action I was trying to avoid...
They should be there in 2 or 3 days and then I'll hear how they travelled. Keeping fingers crossed for all of them to sell. Nothing I dislike quite as much as having to schlepp artworks back after a show. Ive often considered setting fire to them rather than sending them back...seems such a "tail between the legs retreat" to bring work back from an exhibition.
Todays image is of the complex box fully opened... From closed...then halfway open and then fully exposed!
Now that this is all done, I can get back to writing my novel and working on my illustration stuff...and completely re-do my website with fresh new stuff. Funny how the idea of changing gears like this,away from paint to digital, suddenly makes me pause.
Maybe use the pause for a cuppa tea?
The idea of these works is to make the viewer unable to see the entire work in one go...they will have to manipulate the panels to see it all. Lets hope they dont rip the hinges off!
Apprehensive? Most certainly YES!!! I am. I wonder what will be thought and said about the art... and IF they will sell!!!!!
aaah well...tomorrow tomorrow...etc etc

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