Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Interesting how things happen.... how they start out and then seem to find their own way?
The eyes picture was something I was pursuing and had no final goal or conclusion planned for it.
After an evening of peyote and some good mescaline I had a dream of a wall of eyes all looking at me. (or maybe it was just the good gin Hoarknockle managed to secure?)
I had my tailor pick apart the finely stitched images I had sewn to the old paper to make a collection.
I am currently engaged in putting together a completely new collection of eyes, stitching them onto a beautifully discoloured piece of old parchment I tore from a book I saw standing on rather an overly ornate golden pulpit.
The piece will contain 20 eyes....not quite the hundreds I had seen in my dream, but I am human and want to draw them all myself.... although I may consider shucking them from people's heads as I pass them in the street. Oddly enough this isnt seen as artistic license.
I hear Hoarknockle calling... I believe its venison for dinner. Ugh! I have to don bowtie and tails for the formal dining room. At least the wine should be good. "Howling Bluff" Pinot Noir will be served. (Winner of the 2009 Lieutenant Governor's Award for Excellence) Bliss!
Meanwhile I will limber up with a quick G&T.
Lady Sandra has been shooting me some wicked "come hither" looks all day....
The large "EYE" piece will be growing in my mind.
Hoarknockle is getting impatient... says something about lady Sandra running naked in the west wing and calling me from the battlements....
I need to go.....

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