Thursday, September 24, 2009

chair in making

Our local art museum and gallery has an annual charity event in which artists are asked to paint a chair or onto a chair for "chairity".
I want to paint a canvas backed chair... literally: a chair backed with canvas. Not that this is so devilishly clever, its a painting on canvas, of a chair, plain and simple.
I have started by using a piece of canvas used in the movie "Dolan's Cadillac". It was part of a visual gag where a section of tar road was replaced by painted canvas panels made to look exactly like the tar surface. (so beneath the paint we have fake tar!)
Over this came a thick layer of latex paint which has been allowed to drip wickedly along the bottom. (Hoarknockle nearly had a fit when he saw the floor!)
And on top of this first layer has been painted a pale pastel green, also dripping from below.
I think the chair will be in pale yellow. There will also be pink.
I have no firm idea of where this piece is going.
Hoarknockle bring me the gin!

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