Thursday, August 27, 2009

one more...again

here is the last one in the strip of eyes. I thought a slight change of pace would be in order.
I sit working at my glowing screen in the basement with only the muted hum of the computer fan, occasionally Axel the Weimeraner hunting dog stirs and snorts in his sleep.
Apart from those slight sounds, the only noise comes from my head.
I love the feel of the tiger skin rug at my feet. (an old trophy from my days as a hunter...yes yes I know... its so cruel! I didnt kill Hobbs, I promised Calvin I would find my own version)
The most difficult thing about this drawing was having to cut a slit through my other eyelid to see my eye closed while I drew. You have no idea what lengths I go to in order to make my art.
For my next image I want to draw an eyeball...hmmmmm now where is Hoarknockle when I need him?

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