Sunday, September 27, 2009

Warning: May be fake!

Alluding to the wonderful warnings posted on paper coffee cups, "Contents may be hot!" The complete and utter obsession with being safe from litigation by making the most obvious statements: a world focussed on sub mediocrity.
Hoarknockle would receive a tube of paint launched from my hand if he were to alert me to the fact that my tea might be slightly warmer than tepid.
"Awesome!"... such a nondescript and meaningless critique so thoughtlessly tossed out by well meaning people. Life reduced to small gobbets of undigested pabulum. The everyday, interpersonal version of "Warning contents may be hot!"
In this painting I attempt to play the trompe l'oeil card, several in fact, one on top of the other. Somehow all the cards are fake. Except, some of the flaking paint is real. A Ponzi scheme in paint.
Oh Dear! Look! ... the large view doesn't indicate where the little warning is, because the little warning note was painted after the larger view was photographed. Should I offer a warning about that?
It is evolving and developing. Such an unsettling situation for people who need warnings on coffee cups.
Thank goodness for Spode bone china, smoked duck breast on toast and Kolinsky sable brushes!
I have called for Hoarknockle to bring the Maybach around for an afternoon drive to soothe my frayed sensibilities.
Where is Peter Sellers when one needs him.......

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