Thursday, September 24, 2009

little yellow chair

"Doping is sport's way of faking it", I said to Hoarknockle a moment ago, as he brought my afternoon tea. (yes he brought the Spode china all the bloody way to my studio! Lady Sandra will have a fainting spell)
I dont use drugs to enhance my performance, only finest brand acrylic paints from Golden. Oil paint is part of history.
This is a nod at faking a famous little yellow chair. Its been hopelessly done to shreds and couldn't stand another attempt, but I have anyway. How long will this little chair stand the weight of meaning stacked upon it? If it isn't yak fat its another fat hack taking a stab at the obvious.
Layers of meaning one upon the other. Heaped up like a paper plate at thanksgiving. More mash potatoes ruined with rutabega ?
This painting is to be auctioned off for charity. Ironic that the original, humble, little yellow chair would fetch a lot at auction. (believe me it did, I was bidding on it! Ended up buying a Beuys in stead)
A cheap little yellow chair done in expensive paints on a piece of canvas featured in an expensive film directed by Jeff Beesley, covered in cheap undercoat.

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