Thursday, September 10, 2009


Almost done.
One more to go.
When does one stop working an image? Such an arbitrary point.
The completed one at top may be a little overworked... may have to go at it again with an eraser and loosen it up a little. It started out so well. Got too enthusiastic and carried away.
Back to the drawing table...
Whirr sharpen pencil...
Gink! Gink! dipping pen in ink...
Scratch of nib on paper...
Scrape scrape and scribble
Just a soundtrack really. I work with a plastic tipped stylus on a Wacom surface.
The sounds I make as I draw are a lot more interesting than the real ones.
I can also get Hoarknockle down here to supply sound the sound of ice cubes in a gin and tonic. Or tea being poured into bone china cups. Or that groan he makes when I have him piggy back me up the stairs.

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