Thursday, September 3, 2009

only a few to go now

a few more...
I have been grappling with the problem of this series of eyes each eye seems to find its own way. The question is concerning consistency of style. Does one believe that because the same hand crafts it, that it will remain within the same stylistic trend? Or does one have to strive constantly for the same feel?
When does it become mindless repetition and when is it strength of style?
I would want to believe that these are all from the same stylistic stable and that the minor variation in handling adds energy and flavour changes to this dish. It allows for growth and evolution. Hopefully improvement.
As this image grows it takes on a life of its own and seems to dictate its own personality. So far I havent yet shown the entire piece, only parts. The idea is for it to be a collection of images like a butterfly collection in a box, not merely a photo album. I refrained from pinning the images down, the visual effect of driving a sharp steel pin through an eyeball seemed just too aimed at shock tactics. Not my motive.
I have enough trophies throughout my house, stuffed heads from expeditions over a number of years. No animals were killed or harmed in the collection of these trophies. (PETA please take note!)
Imagine opening a matchbox and finding an eye in it. Problem is that one doesnt really see matchboxes that often anymore. All just lighters nowadays. Those little boxes were so handy.
The hounds are restless today, I hear them baying in the stables.
Lady Sandra is home today and tea is being served on the terrace. Devon clotted cream, fresh strawberry jam and scones, I believe. Delightful. Hoarknockle will have my G&T ready for me en route to the terrace, my trusted malarial antidote no less.

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