Friday, February 27, 2009


This work has been evolving in its own way, after some initial thoughts I have discovered that there is a lot in these 3 pieces that echo my inner process.
The work on 3D surfaces makes it impossible to view the whole image at once due to panels that hinge and swing open or shut. The notion of decay and combining mundane image material like signage with "sacred" icons or religious works which would seem untouchable because of their age and value...
I am fascinated by the idea of finding art treasures hidden amongst ordinary household objects, like a 16th C painting amongst bric-a-brac at a garage sale. What if someone made a box for tools and used the wood panels from a priceless icon? Or painted an outdoor sign over a relic? The contrast between the ordinary and the pricelessly sacred is compelling.
Some years ago I found an old cardboard box that once contained photographic paper being used to keep hand tools together... on my father's work table. He was a photographer and always recycled the shallow photo paper boxes in some way or another. The tools which had taken up residence in this familiar  yellow Kodak box were all objects I knew well and had used often when I was growing up. I took a photo of it...intuitively, I didnt think of it at the time. I recalled the picture and found it..and am making a small painting of it which will go into the larger complex box/crucifixion image Im working on... as though the box the "sacred" image is in has also been used as a toolbox.
Im finding the growth of this work quite exciting... and making the painting of tools my dad used is quite poignant.
I wonder how this work will read or be understood by viewers who dont know all this?

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