Sunday, March 1, 2009

sacred and profane

I recall that the idea of the sacred and profane juxtaposition is quite an old one... harks back to early renaissance (no doubt earlier too). Ah well, Im not being that unique and original but I am having fun with this piece as it develops.
After pushing the head too dark, I went back in and lightened it up and fixed a few things that has started bothering me and now I think it looks better than before.
The feet are more or less done too... maybe just modulate them a bit more to make them look a little more eerie. I was considering adding stigmata to the feet, but thought it would be too close to crucifixion scenes and Im dont want to make it look like a religious work, only play on the idea. The idea of painting bandaids onto the feet occurred to me...hmmmm...dont know if that will trivialize the idea...dont want to parody the concept and undermine the little bit of gravitas I had hoped to develop in the work.
All I need to do now is to work on the abdominal section...the belly..Ive put it off till last as I had been undecided about what to do with it...I dont want to just paint it, there has to be something interesting about it....I just dont know what to do without overdoing it.
And then there is the toolbox to be added to the section with the head... Its going to be weird when this one is done.

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