Monday, February 9, 2009

hoar frost and mister Durer

The mist came down thick and dense last night and left almost everything covered in hoar frost. A beautiful hanging spiders web now looks like a delicate looping chandelier.
On the work side of things, my continued efforts with the 3 works I am making are starting to make me happy...they seem to be gathering momentum and the little piece of old drywall now has an eye on it... my homage to Albrecht Durer that will stare from a small blue box that once  housed the Gilbert chemistry set that belonged to my dad. The crack that runs across the image is a real one...the thick and brittle old enamel paint cracked and flaked off when I removed this piece of old drywall. I have masked it off with some tape and will remove it once all my paint smearing is done... Meanwhile there is still some more smearing to be done.
Right now its time for some tea....

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  1. Very nice. And, you've been added to the participants list!