Wednesday, February 11, 2009

time flies like an arrow

Between getting Jannes' new bike and his stuff sorted out, IM still working on the exhibition stuff...and suddenly discover that time has flown and another day vanished over the horizon...with no blog entry to show.
So today I'll add three images... the eye picture has been finished...its on a real cracked piece of old drywall and I want it to look like a really old fragment of art...I masked the real crack off and painted over it... so in its finished state it has an authentic crack.
The Fresh Daily sign is painted on layers of paint I painted onto a piece of polypropylene  and then removed the now I can glue it onto any substrate...after allowing it to crack and peel... all of which makes it look old and worn. Over all of that comes layers of fading, streaks of dirt and rust and the bloom of dirt and patina of chalky decaying paint. The sign will be glued onto the first set of lids inside the complicated box. (is this making any sense? It should become clear as I work on it and put up the pictures here.)
Aaaaah yes...making art is wonderful... my mind goes some months forward and already wonders what it will look like in the gallery and more importantly, WILL IT SELL? Why does it always seem to boil down to that?
I think I should break for some tea.......

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