Tuesday, February 24, 2009

snowy white

Back from a delightful Whitefish ski holiday to find our town also blanketed beneath soft fluffiness of new snow. Hiding in my studio is a brilliant reason NOT to be out shovelling.
The work is going again... here is latest piece of a hand Im working on... how does one make a hand seem thin and spidery, knobbly and frail? Keeping the work of the 15/16th C european masters in mind? I keep looking at work on the Google Prado museum site... its amazing to be able to look that closely at art!
I can only feel humbled by the sheer virtuosity of their art...its so inspiring.
Meanwhile the background of the hand has darkened considerably and the fingers are longer still... the pictures on the blog are always a bit behind the actual state of the work.
Hopefully get my head down tomorrow and get a lot of work done.

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