Thursday, February 5, 2009

Oh dear!

So much for a fresh new blog start! A day or few of silence. And no sketch as I had planned....BUT...after returning from 2 months in South Africa as an unpaid Director Sportif for my son's warm weather road cycling training before joining his new team in Mulhouse, France, I was suddenly faced with a leaky roof, blocked vent fan ducts and an invitation to exhibit my fine art stuff at Gallery Gora in Montreal in mid April. Most of this came as a bit of a surprise. 

So for now...I shall show the flimsy sketches I have been doodling up in prep for the larger artworks I am making. Flimsy they are...on printer paper with real old HB pencil...nothing digital. How positively antediluvian! But soldier on nonetheless.

On an interesting note...I found a fabulous site for music which has a lot of free streaming music and music blogs. Also take a look at my friend as he continues his sailing expedition from England to Australia in his hand built oak 34 foot boat crewed by his brother, brother in law and fourteen year old son...and himself too. Obviously.

The laundry is making its merry rumble as I work on my 3 pieces, the smell of painty stuff in the air. The 3 works are all to be done inside boxes that unfold like old triptych icons. Yet not quite as I shall be adding a more modern twist to it. Meanwhile crackle paste and sand and molding stucco are drying...they will add texture to the boxes.

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