Friday, February 13, 2009

work so far

Blank and Jones are keeping me company with their uptempo beats.. I have been working on a hornet and having to really keep my eyes sharp...there is a lot of fine detail I wanted to get and it proved to be quite a lot of eye straining concentration.
So here is the freshest version of the hornet in real acrylic no digital style...and then with the box its going to live in with the eye painting which goes inside.
Im finding it exciting going...the work is starting to gain momentum of its own and no longer just bits and pieces that are nowhere close to resembling the mental picture I have to send me in a direction... often making me struggle trying to reconcile the mental image I have with the real one developing on the surface in front of me.
The weekend beckons.... and possibly a slowing in work tempo... and then on monday morning at the crack of dawn my son Jannes flies to France to race his bicycle for the ASPTT team based in Mulhouse, Alsace. He will only return for the Canadian National roadracing championships in June...
Lots of fingers crossed,.....!

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