Friday, February 6, 2009

surrounded by possibilities

Yesterday was one of those days where the work generated itself. The 3 pieces I'm working on all needed aspects worked on and the focus wonderfully flowed from one to the next in a seamless way, keeping me occupied and engrossed in the process. Ideas and actions followed each other without too much deliberation or pause, seeming to offer up possibilities of their own.
Here are pictures of the one box I'm working was custom made by a friend of mine and had been waiting for a suitable project like this.
The box starts off as a closed object. Its been aged with a vinegar solution to gray the wood. Opening it to the first stage shows a flat surface on which I'll paint a separate image that relates to the inner part. The two upper doors then fold out to the sides and the lower door swings down...notice the crucifix like shape... its designed to play on the old religious icon format.
Its really fun working on a variety of pieces at the same time, having the luxury of a bit of space to be able to work on more than one piece at a time as they tend to generate ideas and possibilities that inform the development of the other a dialogue between them and myself. (NO I dont actually talk to myself!...other things talk to me!)
I have plastered some fabulously creamy Golden Crackle paste onto various surfaces of the boxes and am watching them crack like the dried up muddy surface of an old lake bed. Ive also been using an iron based paint that rusts when you apply a catalyst.
Also founf a piece of old drywall I removed from an old wall...loaded with old enamel paint that has cracked deliciously...and am painting a section of a face that I derived from an Albrech Durer portrait. (Will post that here soon too)
Time for some coffee.......

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