Wednesday, February 10, 2010

long quiet...

It was Hoarknockle, I swear. He was supposed to fabricate a credible blog about art while I was sitting and doing nothing.
I see now that he has not been doing this and for al intents, it looks like I have been doing nothing.
Which is not true!
It's been a busy time.
I have been working on the beginnings of a documentary, buying equipment and reading books and harvesting knowledge from anywhere I could find it. Isn't the internet a wonderful place to research and find information?
So far....
I have bought a Canon 7D camera which can shoot HD video and a beautiful little GoPro HD camera which is smaller than a pack of cigarettes (and a lot healthier too!) and shoots full HD video with an incredible dynamic range.
I have been getting a post card made to send out to clients and publishers.
I have been making lists of everything I need to do and keep track of. Making lists of lists....(sad isnt it?)
I have been living with snow. Lots of it.
I have been out and about with my younger son for his speed skating season. He did brilliantly and is now done with his speed skates. Went out on a high.
I have found a wonderful wine shop which sells excellent wines...nearby! Oh Joy!
I have been chatting to possible producers and broadcasters who might advise me on the direction of my documentary and ultimately where it will end up.
I am making a painting of a crowned plover's nest with two eggs in it... for a friend who lives far away.
My eldest son and I baked a magnificent chocolate cake from scratch, just because he saw it on TV and wanted to do it himself and we will share it with friends as its just too rich for only us to consume. Hoarknockle is cleaning the kitchen aftermath.
I shall be posting the image of the plover nest soon.
It was the winter blues slump...nothing more.

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  1. My gosh, so many things you've been up to. I am fascinated by the documentary...what could it be, what could it be??!!