Friday, February 12, 2010


The soup and the wine made an incredible supper last night combined with fine company. Hoarknockle outdid himself.
The nest is done.
I tried to keep it loose and quick. Added a last coat of satin varnish and now it waits to go away to its new home.
The rig I had built by ProMetal is proving to be a good one. It holds the camera well and seems steady enough. The new camera is well designed, heavier than my previous one and has a massive increase in quality.
The HD video it shoots is amazing. It doesnt look like has a filmic look to it which makes it seem richer and more beautiful. Fingers crossed!
Weekend is here and with it promises of Valentines day and some fine, fine wine to accompany a morsel of foie gras. I know the winter games start tonight...but the thought of some good wine thrills me more.
Hmmmm.... what shall be next?

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