Thursday, February 11, 2010


Sweating on the stationary bike as opposed to sweating on a stationery bike is an interesting concept. A Stationery bike would be an elegant thing printed on ivory card, small and easy to carry with you.
A stationary bike is a lot less elegant. I try and spend at least 2 hours a day on mine in order to avoid the dreaded cabin madness and to fight off the million threats to my heart. My heart may be benefitting but my bottom is certainly having a hard time.
Right near my stationary bicycle stands my work table with the most recent piece, a painting of a Crowned Plover's nest.
When we were visiting the fairest Cape in South Africa, we lived at Deltacrest near Franschhoek...pure undiluted beauty. The plovers breed everywhere and happened to have a nest close to the house. There is something about the courage of a small bird making a nest in plain view and keeping anyone away by dive bombing predators. The eggs are brilliantly camouflaged and really hard to spot if you dont see the birds sitting on them.
This piece is for very dear friends who no longer live there and have moved to a distant land. I painted a similar piece directly onto the concrete floor of their kitchen, behind the backdoor. (difficult to remove and take along) I am hoping this will take its place.
Hoarknockle is making a delicious smelling lamb and bean stew for tonight... to be enjoyed with a fabulous Diemersfontein Pinotage and good company.

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