Wednesday, February 17, 2010

logo jiggle logic

Some jobs come flying at you out of the blue... this one was one of them...
A dear friend of the family called from London (yes the English city!) and wanted me to redesign her business name and logo.
I don't really do logos, not in the graphic design sense anyway.
After reading her the whole forty page proviso and health warning, she still wanted me to do it, knowing full well that this was not to be anything clean and clinical like any good type software could offer. This would be hand hewn from the finest paper and ink made from 100% natural organic hand grown materials (tended to by children deep in the Abscondian Forests).
She designs fine interiors for refined clients in a rarified atmosphere of elegance and interesting people and also does stupendous floral installations for persons and companies who can afford the last word in excellence. She is to be found at .

There is an elegant atmosphere that oozes down the telephone line from from someone like this, calling from London. I wore my burgundy velvet smoking jacket for the occasion and had Hoarknockle bring me a snifter of Cognac.

The term for this kind of thing is "bespoke". Handcrafted. Original. One of a kind, made to order, only! The logo and lettertype will be entirely, uniquely crafted and not taken from a plastic boil-in-the bag, instant noodle dish.
After some thought and several pencils, I came up with some ideas and started the to and fro which is typical of this bespoke business. I wore a cravat for the occasion and had Hoarknockle smoke a cigarette in a long silver and ivory holder.Outdoors obviously, I cannot abide cigarette smoke!

Tea was Earl Gray and served in the Spode bone china. Was there ever any doubt?

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