Tuesday, February 16, 2010

ghost of crutches past

There are a lot of amazing systems built to support cameras...and with the DSLRs that can now shoot video, there is a bigger need than before. The DSLR camera format isnt as ergonomic as the purpose designed camcorders and this causes the DSLR to be less stable when shooting video. They are great when shooting stills...but can become really wobbly when doing video.
The rigs built by mainstream camera equipment companies are very expensive...one can deduce why....its built for an industry that is known to have masses of production money. In my case, not the case.
I thought about this for quite some time and was stumped about possibilities. When trying to find something in a storeroom, I happened upon a set of crutches and they seemed perfect for a basic skeleton. I built and modified and sawed and cut and added bits with cardboard until I had something I thought would work.
A local company welded and fabricated the cardboard into metal and now I have a shoulder rig at a much lower price than anything I could have bought. It works well too.
Oh...the documentary I am making is about the dreams of a young man who is trying to make it as a professional cyclist in europe. It may take a year or two.
Meanwhile...I shoot footage and make art and tea.

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