Thursday, January 14, 2010


...well not really, more like a gusty breeze blowing me in circles.
I got some work off to a publication and then started work on an image for my son's high school end of year program. Its rather tough going when there is no brief, yet the recipients have all kinds of requirements and no one "knows" what is going on. As I am doing it as a freebee, one would imagine they would be on top of it...?
Meanwhile I have been doing research into all things technical. More to the point, matters pertaining to the new Canon 7D camera which shoots HD video and we are hoping to use in the making of a documentary. Its rather like having the ingredients of a very complicated cake all whirling about in mid air, like the particles in an electron cloud. You know there are there, but you have no idea what they look like or where they are.
The past few days have been educational. I have been learning.
Also cut up an old pair of aluminium crutches to form the structure of a camera stabilising rig I am building for the new camera. It needs to be welded together...I dont think the masking tape and hot glue is enough...not to talk of the cardboard mock up adjusting junction I made.
Busy without too much to show for it all. Satisfying though.
Hoarknockle is nursing some hot glue burns...I cannot imagine where he got them.

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  1. I know nothing, nor have even heard of the 7D and I'm intrigued! If you get one, and if you make your contraption, do post them!!