Tuesday, March 17, 2009

growing art

The way an artwork grows (hey the word ARTWORK sounds terribly fake and pretentious) is thrilling..especially when its growing beneath your own hands...almost a life of its own... Yesterday I turned out some small pieces of wood with old dried paint pasted to them... making them look like actual old bits of wood with flakey rotten paint...and then onto that I painted words in the Coca-Cola script... they will go and live in the largest box along with a gopher trap and a candy striped hand (which is being worked on) The little fragments of wood turned out well and were a delightful little tickle I hadnt expected them to be.

Time is marching along smartly and the end of the month deadline is approaching...I have contacted a courier to deliver the boxes to Montreal. Still no price...but I am preparing for a minor shock... will deal with that when it arrives... I'm just hoping that my work will be well received in Montreal and  SELL...which is the object of this exercise!
 Todays image is of the top half of the complex box...icon head and toolbox in place... the complex box is almost done...

Here's hoping....


  1. This is such a wild project. How do you envision it being displayed?

  2. This is pretty much awesome. I love the look of it.

  3. Thom...the idea is for the work not to be seen in one go...for it to have to be seen in different ways... But other than that it will go up on a wall like any painting