Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The complex box is starting to develop a patina and feel to it that is what I had hoped for all the time. Layers of glazes and buildup of 'dirty' marks and dulling of areas give it a certain quality of being old and used. The final section, the abdomen is still not done because I have been working on the small box, on the last panel which was still unresolved...now it will get an eye seeming to be peering through a hole from inside the box as you open the two doors. Its set against a dark background and below the eye will be a chocolate wrapped in a wrapper (of all things!) I wanted to play with the concept of something illusory from behind the surface versus something illusory lying upon the surface... so far only the eye is going...the chocolate is as yet only a few pencil lines.

The very big box is getting there too...but its waiting its turn. The picture for today is the lower lid (which will be hanging down when opened against a wall). The letters are actual metal sign letters that I found. Delightfully rusted and aged. Make up your own mind if the FO means anything. This box has a hand in the upper part, holding a rectangle , a 3D surface which will be painted to resemble concrete. Below the hand will be an actual metal trap, all rusty and corroded. Meanwhile the FO will be the only mage for today...

Its dreadfully cold out...minus 27C and I have to go out son and see someone at the bank. There will have to be tea when I get back. (I shall have to make it myself...the servants have a day off, so no silverware today)

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