Thursday, March 26, 2009

thursday art

Just a quick one to show that I am working. This is a piece of wood, paint layered on in sheets and then aged down with a small painting of a mug, painted onto a piece of paint previously painted onto a sheet of plastic, peeled off and then pasted onto the wood... (yeah process sounds complicated, lots of steps by simple actually)
The piece of wood has been glued into the largest of the 3 boxes Im working on...all part of the many elements that go into the largest box. (along with a rusty gopher trap,  two old metal sign letters and a few other bits of wood with words painted onto them.
The idea is that these works will go up on the wall...but that the work in its entirety wont be visible at any one time.. the panels open on hinges and you cannot see all the sides at once. Although (come to think of it) the largest box is visible in one viewing.. it has no tricky hinged panels to confuse or flummox anyone... Maybe the obscure words and letters will be enough?
The smallest box is also finally almost ready to go...I found the right imagery for the inside of the two doors... 6 lips in vibrant red. (will post a picture of them soon)
Its my 26th wedding anniversary today, my wife is taking a day I have only done some very undemanding tweaks to the works today (a little bit of varnish here and there and vacuumed up a flurry of gold leaf shreds from leafing the edges of the largest box. One has to work tidily!)
I thought I was almost done with the biggest box...but while I was pondering it, my wife suggested that it needed something around the top area...seemed a little needing something to help focus the composition... BINGO! brilliant idea (yes I have a team of highly skilled consultants at my beck and call!) So I will add on some sign written panels...think they will have the names of fast food items signwritten onto them and aged and faded...maybe some yellow to give the thing a kick in the vegetables.
Forget tea.... its a day for champagne! (even if the real article is a bit too expensive, a suitable substitute will be a stand-in.)

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