Tuesday, March 24, 2009

blogslow - work continues apace

The thrill of making the imagery is consuming at times and my postings to the blog lag, apologies.
The 3 works are almost done and in that last phase of completion...small tweaks to be done and final bits that require finishing.
The frisson of making it is still very much there .
I have been discovering how little I was taught by my painting lecturer at university (I want my money back!) How is it that some teachers (in all schools and institutions) seem to get away by doing nothing and having no syllabus or program to follow? How do they teach? I recall this particular 'teacher' standing on a drawing of mine in her high heels, kicking at the image with her stiletto heel as she made pointless comments about the work. Its interesting how many teaching institutions will tolerate this 'non-teaching' and turn a blind eye to bodies who make up numbers in a school even if they arent doing their job.... some even rise to jobs where they have seniority and become heads of department (there are some I know of doing this right now!)
But then again there are those gifted teachers who are inspiring. Thank heavens for them!

Meanwhile... its exciting discovering ways of doing things even if one has never been taught it when you should have! It has been through digital painting that I found ways of solving problems of light and illumination, which suggested solutions to me when I was working on the actual paint-on-substrate artwork... interesting how a virtual medium can suggest possibilities. 
In the end it all still boils down to using your eye and being able to draw and think (although there are times when those things desert me...I only need to leaf through earlier work to remind myself never to become comfortable.
For now...these works are making me happy.
Pictured today, my work table with the small box in the centre (its already looking different) and a fragment of wood onto which I laminated layers of paint (I paint onto plastic sheeting and allow to dry...it becomes brittle, you pull it off and paste it onto a surface...looks old and has some great textural qualities) and then painted an eye... Lots of eyes in these 3 pieces... Also at least 6 lips going onto the side inner door panels of the small box.

Okay..enough writing... time to paint again.

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