Saturday, August 15, 2009

painting done

Sometimes and only sometimes one manages to paint something that grows together organically and completely without feeling torn apart by doubt.
This was such a time. I wanted to paint and create an image that would collect all the memories I had of this lovely house against the mountain and not merely make a representation of it, but to interpret it and allow it to find its own breathing space, be its own self. It came together so smoothly that I was caught off guard. Nice change of pace!
After seeing a whole lot of masterful paintings in MOMA and the Metropolitan in New York, something twitched in me and seems to have brought about a new urge to create and grow in me. There is something to be said about exposing your head and eyes to fabulous art... it has quite a profound effect! In various parts of the work thought of Monet and Pollock and Bacon... to name a if one specific brush stroke at that moment reminded me of something I had seen. I'm not quite sure how Monet would feel being put alongside Pollock... but they all added something to this painting as it grew. Thanks to those masters who helped me, I like the final outcome guys, feel free to pop by again anytime you like...I have a whole pile of new canvases you can help me with.
This was fun. Now to see what my friend, the man who owned the house until a few months ago, thinks of it. I hope it affords him as much fun as it did me.
Okay...... now what is next?

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