Monday, August 10, 2009

back after the quiet

Apologies for the tunnel of silence after the cherub portrait.
As it has been summer here...and we have been clutching every warm sunny day like an addict at a syringe, I have had some interruptions in my smooth work flow. Things like a holiday in the warm and sunny west of Canada and some wine tasting and cycling whenever conditions permitted.
Back to work it is. I have a week in which to complete a painting of a beautiful house perched on a steep mountainside...the side of Table Mountain to be exact. It belonged to a friend of mine who has since moved on to another city and I have many beautiful memories of the place and time spent there. Painting it is an experiment in style..its loose and inaccurate and expressive...Im using the opportunity to flex my reckless painterly muscle and see if I can find anything to feed back into my other work. I have been thinking hard about the complete lack of real painting training we received at university. (which is why I chose printmaking as a major)
Discovering the little things about moving paint around on a surface is fascinating and as I do it in acrylic, I often wonder what oil would be like....that it remains workable for so long and you are able to blend one colour into the other even days later.(Converting to oil would be just too expensive for me )
Thankfully Golden has been making some slower drying paints which behave more like oil. Ease of cleaning without solvents is a big plus.
I have tried to change my regular approach to making a painting...different ground colours which will show through and a loose runny start. The perspective is distorted to emphasise the structure of the house and the way it is attached to the slope of the mountain.
This is an interesting change of pace and style...and offers no comfort zone to relax in.
So... this is where it is at right now.

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