Sunday, July 12, 2009

too silent

Sorry...I have been busy. Attending to my son during his races at the Canadian National road racing championships (thats him in the red jersey) and coming down from my visit to New York (thats me with the coffee in front of the library) for a few days and seeing sublime art and reveling in the fantastic culture of the beautiful city! It was incredible to have been there. Certainly will be going back again. (part of my mind is still there... like the legend of the Flying Hollander ship which sails mind is caught between MOMA and the Metropolitan Museum of Art)
Right now a portrait is beneath my brushes and it has to be done by end of this week. I shall be putting up imagery as I go about my craft. Its of a 3 yr old child, chubby-cheeked, cherub face. I always find it rather daunting when doing the portrait of a child.... they are such delicate features and Im not an old master from the 17th Century....all of which makes me try even harder!
Global warming is a myth, judging by the very cool summer we are experiencing.

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