Wednesday, July 15, 2009

cherub faced portrait

Layers of subtle glazes more and she is darker and the image seems to be developing depth. I went in with glazes made with Van Dyke brown and ultramarine...oh and there was a soft pinkish glaze too. I put them on with a large soft brush and then remove smaller areas with a smaller soft brush while the glaze is still wet, allowing me to add soft areas of tone and then bring smaller highlights out. This gives a softer effect...especially when working with something as delicate as a child's face.
Today is time to go in with a brush and some pale peachy, pinky warm glaze in pick out highlights... and go lighter and lighter...
I've had Jeeves take my easel out to the upper solarium in the east wing where we normally put up our visiting upper class guests. The light is better and the sun is out again today. The only possible problem is that its rather further from the kitchen and it may mean that my tea could cool by a degree or two whilst in transit... or worse, my gin and tonic may not be quite as cold.
Nothing is ever perfect.

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