Tuesday, July 14, 2009

cherubic face

The picture is going in the right direction (thankfully) and its progressing well. Possibly due to the rain outside which is keeping me off my bicycle. This summer certainly hasnt been known for its heat an sunshine in my part of the world. Im not impressed.
I have two canvasses distracting me... one is still pure virginal white and requires another liberal coat of primer... then the drawing can begin...I'm still not decided which colour I'll use as ground and which I'll use to draw with... something earthy in both cases...reddish?
The portrait is taking glazes well and its growing steadily... Im trying to balance a looseness and also an accurate detail here and there to nail the delicate facial features. Its fun to see the glazes illuminate and build depth into the image. Every step of the way I have images of truly great portraits haunting me...but also inspiring me...

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