Thursday, April 1, 2010

got it

My blog did continue, but Hoarknockle was the one diverting it to some other site and I think it may have spoiled some persons fun by having my blog where they didnt expect to find it....yes...those of you who visit the dark side will know!
I was wondering about the notion of spoiling a porn site with good art works....My question is...can porn be spoiled? Isnt it sort of spoiled already? Dont think about this too really is only a passing thought and a provocative one at that.

On the menu today is the board I did for my son. Its a board used on water, rather like a wake board...only for kiting. You get pulled along by a kite rather than a boat. I dont really like generic things, so I painted the board in this flourishey swirley design for his birthday. It was a wonderful variation to my normal stuff.

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