Wednesday, March 31, 2010

fits and starts

Most distressing the lack of blogging.
I'm looking for someone to blame it on. There is a shortlist.
For want of a better reason, I can only say that I was working on two pieces which I had to keep secret. One was for Lady Sandra and the other for my younger son. For special events.
The first one here is of the piece I made for Lady Sandra... its a picture of her parents from long ago.
I painted it on cedar fence boards which had weathered beautifully. They hinge inwards and close with a slide bolt. It looks like a piece of fence or a gate. When you open it, it reveals the painting.
I'll post the work I did for my son in a following blog.
Right now I'm working on a piece for a competition, the logo design continues in the background and I am painting a large portrait of two beautiful children.


  1. There are so many myriads of blogs out there, one wonders whether others have lives beyond them. That said, I don't think it's necessary to apologize for lack of regular blogging discipline. This way, each time you do post, it's a pleasant surprise. :)

  2. Your first paragraph totally made me laugh out loud. :D I have similar things going on....

    Love this work and how it closes and 'seals' which you made for Lady S. and can't wait to see the one for your son. :)