Monday, April 26, 2010

wrestling with children

I do believe this one is done.
I am always ever so careful when I wrestle with young children. They are delicate and one has to use small brushes and a lot of glaze to achieve a good likeness.
I know there are some portrait painters who achieve the finish by using bold and powerful marks...but I really cant do it. I find the faces of children to be composed of most delicate shading and shape. I admire those who can capture it in fresh quick strokes... but since this is my style and my work.... "Aah, tea, why thank you Hoarknockle!"
All this one requires is a last coat of preserving varnish.
I wanted this painting to reflect the personalities of the children and to give some idea of who they are and what they do.
Its been a demanding time, and I'm happy with the results.
Now on to some digital drawing.


  1. My gosh! Awesome to see the whole process... you are so talented!

  2. Great piece! Is there any subject matter you can't attack and conquer? Children portraits are so difficult.

    I totally agree about the approach to painting. As a developing painter, I've always dreamed to be able to paint like John Singer Sargent or Skip Lipke or Lucian Freud... but is not to be.