Sunday, March 14, 2010

digital rarotecha

Not often do I plunge recklessly into work without a good idea of what I want, but this time I have. I havent had the time or the opportunity to try something experimental and for some reason I have found barriers in my head. Artificial lines in the gray matter , barbed wire with "Perigo minas" stenciled crudely onto metal signs hanging forlornly from the rusty strands. And for some odd reason I obeyed my own decree.
What do I know? I know better than to listen to myself. I should have learned it from my sons, they never seem to.
It was a journey of exploration into a well known territory, hoping to find something new.
It was different and familiar at the same time. Rather like cobbling together a being from friends' body parts. (I have just been reading about Mary Shelley and her famous book)
I hope to enter this in a competition.
I have given Hoarknockle orders to keep his fingers crossed.
Right now most of my brain is elsewhere in Belgium with a cyclist racing Omloop van het Waasland...a 194km race at frightening speed. The cyclist is racing for Fuji Test Team from the Cycling Center. He is my son.

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  1. OH my, oh my! Great luck and positive energy I send to your son over there!! And as to your submission/experimentation, I also send the same. I need to get past my own barriers to do the same!