Wednesday, October 28, 2009

tin toy chick

I love contrasting unexpected combinations of things.
An icon hiding in a toolbox.
An artwork painted inside a suitcase.
A sweet antique wind up, pressed tin toy with an adult twist. The antique toy market is a big thing and there are a large number of old children's toys for sale at inflated prices.
The idea of combining this innocent and simple concept with adult thinking brings all kinds of possibilities to mind. The removal of the original head and replacement with that of a chicken... isnt that what a lot of men do in their heads? Don't chickens mainly lay eggs and breed?
In this version some of the toy has come apart exposing the inner wind up spring mechanism.
So far so good. Nothing has broken so far.
Outside snow is falling and adds to my dedication to staying indoors at work while Hoarknockle feeds the fire and trickle feeds me some restorative Cognac to ward off chills.
Lady S is out driving the Ferrari to see if it still sticks to the snowy road as well as in the dry weather. Im not sure if its the sound of the engine howling in the distance or the wind.

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