Monday, October 26, 2009

emerging aeroplane

Its happening at last! The digital birth of a delightful little aeroplane.
So far the propeller has emerged and seems to be swinging happily.
There is still quite a lot of work to be done... ultimately it will result in an 8 by 11 inch image.
I think the swarm of planes senses that this is happening and I heard a lot of them flying about today. I may go out and capture some more for other images.
D-Man showed me how to catch and handle these beauties. He has since left on a hunting trip to capture some rare twin rotating machines up north. Its migration season and he said he was optimistic about getting one.
The portrait is still going along nicely too. After some loud profanities today I managed to get the images closer to the quality I want. I dont know why I still try and paint without a large container of profanities ready and waiting. Lady Sandra feels that too much profanity can be bad for my health. Nothing like a finely applied profane-urethane glaze to bring out depth in a painting.
I hear Hoarknockle bringing the tea....

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