Friday, May 1, 2009

Ji Art

I mean...dare one say it like this? The whole notion of a play on words has become such an incendiary issue... but what else would a holy war for Art be called? Other than Ji Art?
No matter if ons is a committed pacifist or not...Im sure everyone occasionally feels the slightly violent urge to throw something.... so that gets amplified and the next thing it escalates into a larger event... and you are shooting a pen at your paper!
The pen truly is mightier than the sword... especially when swords are so old fashioned and you can draw a small thermonuclear device with a few strokes of a pen! You could even draw a Death Star! (and we all know how deadly those can be!)
So how else does one make an image as self promotional work without the required self parody and the tongue in cheek humour without resorting to something like this?
Its also quite amazingly difficult. The image sort of becomes an investment of everything you want to say and show and you have to guard against over doing it.
Ive created two versions, the first went with colour and I felt it had become too overly sweet and pretty with the rich colour and have since gone back to an earlier version and worked it more in black and almost no colour. Im still a little conflicted, although my first instinct goes with the less colourful version.

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