Saturday, May 2, 2009

black and rembrandt

Here is the final version of the RPG image. I think because one wants to put in so much, there is the danger of over thinking it and trying to do too much. I think I managed to call a halt to it all in time.
I have an old, large canvas that has been doing nothing...pulled it out yesterday and gave it a coat of black primer... and just started working on it with only a vague notion of where it is going. I want to give it to a local guy who runs a tattoo place. The walls are pretty bare and Im making something I hope will be suitable for a tattoo shop.
Other than that, the garden awaits expectantly... the grass is growing and needs its first mow of the season. I have a few other domestic things to take care of before I get to play on the canvas again. I imagine I'll be in a hurry to get through the chores!

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