Thursday, May 28, 2009

art gift

What do you give someone who might just have most of what they want? Something they cant readily buy..and thankfully I can make things that have personal value to people...especially when I put in portraits of their loved ones.
My friend Ben (I dont think he spends much time online and doesnt read blogs! Otherwise Im sunk!!) turns...ahem...well lets put it this way..its a milestone birthday. He is having a small get together which will mean his and his wife's cooking (divine) and a lot of good conversation.
Ive been working on a picture for him for some time now... its been slow going because it was interrupted by other things I was doing, but as time neared, I took a few days and tried to work on it exclusively. Now its done and I  am rather happy with the outcome. Lets hope he likes it.
It felt really good making it.

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