Friday, August 27, 2010


times when one manages to complete things in a satisfactory way... one always seems to remember those breakthroughs rather than the long slog to get to the point where you decorate the whole things with a final cherry on the top.
The large piece with Sir Cornelis is getting closer to completion and I finished a smaller panel that will be added to the large piece, a very satisfactory moment.
This trigger is an actual rifle part from an old .303 rifle that came into my grandfather's possession toward the later part of the Boer War. There is quite a long story behind it. Its a wonderful metaphorical component to the image.
Positive, very positive.

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  1. The common wisdom about a journey being the relevant core of an accomplishment is true to a great extent; we should try not to forget how we arrived a particular landmark in our lives and careers. Yet as we age, those memories fade, so it is fortunate that the products of those journeys remain as memes to our stories. Your grandfather's trigger being a case in point. I'm curious to see the rest of Sir Cornelis.

    Your ears should've been itching last night. PSI had their monthly social and Lord Pfaff and I mentioned our nice phone chats with you. We were going on about how great it would have been if you'd could have joined us at the Church Brew Works...